What can we say about yesterday’s show? Well it was a bit crazy! We were told to arrive early as parking is difficult during October. YES! that was an understatement! Juice and I were lucky enough to get a spot in a convenient parking lot for the day, but Rik was not so lucky!

He called saying the road was blocked off and we had one hour till show time!. He finally found a way up to the loading area, and we helped him get the drums over to the Fountain stage area.

Then he was off to find a place to park, With 20 minutes till set time, Juice received a call from Rik- “I’m not gonna make it. I hit a curb, blew a tire, and I’m stuck blocking someone’s driveway.”

YIKES! Juice had a scared look on his face, and I told him, “Smile! We are gonna be fine. We are gonna have fun!”

So we proceeded to play a 45 minute rock show without drums!!! Kinda weird! But the audience was supportive and the crowd was huge! We gave it our all, even if the first song was pretty rough (eek) , the audience watched and smiled, and hopefully enjoyed the effort!

We were lucky enough to have our friend Martha jump up on the stage with her tambourine! That was so sweet!!

Then I could hear bongos behind me for our ballad, Lonely Nights. Nice touch!!!

Finally our awesome drummer  walks in and takes over tambourine duty for the last 2 songs. haha Our Rush medley without a drum kit???? Crazy!!! But fun. This was a show to remember and it made us realize how important drummers are!! Thanks to everyone who helped us and cheered us on! No regrets!

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