I listen to the rain falling outside while I sip my coffee. Seems like we have had too many gray days this year, but I’ll try to keep my mind in a sunny place!

It’s probably time to write another song! The last one I wrote is for our June 24th show, Beach Babies at Sayde’s, sponsored by Boston Rock Radio. The song is called Beach Days.

It’s about how our memories of the beach are etched into our minds.There’s just something about the ocean. So huge and powerful. The sky above it, the sand beneath and all the colors. Even the scent in the air… as you drive toward the beach you feel yourself getting happier the closer you get!

I’m so looking forward to handing out the little beachy bracelets I made for this event.
It’s gonna be great to have Xception and Taken sharing their songs with us all! Lets enjoy some summer music and drink a toast to Beach Days!

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