Hey Friends!

We are not on social media much these days, but we do miss you! If you know someone who can’t find us, please do share this with your friends. Diamondedgeband.com is where you can find our news and upcoming shows. You can also message us and reply to these posts. We look forward to seeing you soon!

So Much Fun!

We have been having a blast on our 2021 tour! This Saturday we will be at The American Legion Aux Post 90. American Legion Post 90 NH 32 Harriman Hill Rd Raymond NH 03077 We play at 4pm sharp, opening for Round 2, the wicked fun cover band! Can’t wait to see you!

Hello February!

Hope you are keeping warm in New England! We planned this time of year to be cozy in the cave making our new album and it’s coming along slowly. We fight and bicker like always! “A FRIKKEN MINAH!” lol but seriously, some sweet sounds are flowing now. We miss seeing you out there and we are pumped for the New Music Showcase on April 20 at Saydes! See you there.…

Rehearsal tonight!

Around 6 PM, will be down in the diamond mine a.k.a. the jam cave Brushing up on a few older songs and a couple of new songs. Will be putting together a show for the Sandown New Hampshire old home day fall Festival on September 8. That’s going to be an early morning show 11 AM. On a Saturday